Monday, 15 May 2017

This is bug parts and some parts are a stinger and a thorax of course legs and wings and yellow and black stripes. By Kasen and Bryce

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Week 7 in Rimu 5

Geographically, 'Rimu 6' as a class name makes sense for the classroom we are now in. We started the year as 'Rimu 5' and are now fantastic as responding to 'Rimu 5' or 'Rimu 6'. If you ever here of Rimu 6 being mentioned, that's us, but we're also Rimu 5. Make sense?!

Here are some wonderful members of our class accepting certificates this week at the Rimu Hui. There's an extra child, Libby, as she was awarded once for excellent co-operation yesterday at Discovery in our class. The others will let you know what they got their certificate for.

We had a fantastic visit by some ANZ workers. They talked about saving money and profit and loss (in relation to our Rimu Market coming up in two weeks). We've also been working with coins in class this week and doing a little shopping of our own. 

Check out this new game, 'Pop to the Shops'. It helps the children understand how to make up amounts using the coins they have and how to give change to customers. 

This is where it's great to know how to add and subtract multiples of 10.

The RIMU MARKET is Thurs 8th Dec. In the morning, your child will have a chance to be first in to buy their own bath bomb. You can send money in for this. In the afternoon, the whole syndicate will roam the classes looking to purchase left-over bombs and some sweets. More info to come! 

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

We made it!

We started talking about being up in the block early this year. 
It was not long after that we anticipated moving into the classroom with a view. 
Lunchtime today, come rain or shine, was to be our moving time. With the help of 10 or so Kauri students and some of our own muscles, we did it! 

The kids aren't phased, some love the view (hmm, and me). Some love the feeling of being up high, and a few love the idea that they can practise their morse coding (a.k.a. self-designed sign language) to others down below.
Here's out view out onto the block...

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

KiVa rocks!

Being a great person and someone who thinks of others are some of the most important attributes we can hold. Standing by and watching someone being bullied is actually supporting the bully in a way. Telling an adult is not tale-tattling. Check out our quick drawings today showing what we can do if we see someone being bullied.

Bath Bombs Away!

Our Inquiry focus this term is around marketing.
What better product to market in a few weeks at the Rimu Market Day than bath bombs!
These will be packaged and ready to go. Here are some shots of the beginning stages in our process...

Wednesday, 26 October 2016